Thursday, July 1, 2010

Before the Crash

There is no doubt about it: I complicate my own life.  My old Mac laptop had been chugging along for some time in danger of totally crapping out, when my husband and younger daughter surprised me with a brand new shiny Mac a few months back.  There shouldn't be a problem with that -- as a matter of fact I should have hopped right on it and transferred all my files and got on with things.   Except I didn't.  You see the thing was I was deep into my new manuscript and was sort of leery about jumping ship midway -- I was afraid, even though logically I knew if I had back-up I needn't be -- but still I was afraid to transfer the manuscript.  So I didn't.  I worked like crazy and complained about my sluggish computer and still the new Mac sat in the box even after I logged on and set up my accounts.  When I finished the manuscript a few weeks back I told myself I was going to transfer my files.  Goodbye old Mac.
Instead I painted the living room, cleaned out some closets, planned for a tag sale, and read some great books.
Then it happened.
Yesterday I turned on my old Mac.  I hear a clunking sound first.  Stared at a gray screen for longer than I should have and then when i went to get a cup of coffee and my back was turned it appeared.  A flashing file folder with a question mark.  My older daughter yelled: what's up with your computer?
I knew before I saw it I was screwed.  I knew before I grabbed the manual I was screwed.  I knew when I called Apple tech support and the guy groaned that I was screwed.
Don't even ask me why I didn't back everything up on an external drive.  Don't even ask me what compelled me to save my new manuscript to a zip drive last weekend (THANK GOD).
So this morning I spent going through my e-mail and downloading attachments and Saturday I go to the Apple store to see if they can save anything.... and if they can't.. well... I should have known better.  
I should have known better.

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  1. This happened to me once. It was a work computer, but it still had a ton of stuff on the drive that I'll never retrieve.

    Sometimes I wonder if the Earth was populated millennia ago by a society so advanced, all of its writing was done "on-line," and thus, when they died out, so did every trace of their genius.

    This represents a new beginning, and it will be a good one. Happy thoughts.

    : )