Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Let Me Give You A Book!!

I've been getting in a lot of car time again and so I've devoured some of my book piles.   Here's a partial list in no particular order... giveaway information at the end of the post!

The Red Thread by Ann Hood -- I've been reading Ann Hood since her debut novel Somewhere off the Coast of Maine.  Ten books later she tells the very personal story of adopting a girl from China.  While this is fiction the author has her own personal connection.  Her daughter Grace died when she was five and through the grieving process  Hood and her family decide to adopt.  A moving story.

Boys and Girls Like You and Me by Aryn Kyle  This writer is a dream!  For those of you who haven't read her novel The God of Animals you must and this new book of stories is simply stunning.  I've already read this book cover to cover twice.  When I say a lot of car time-- I mean a lot of car time!

If I Loved You, I would Tell You This by Robin Black -- Story collections seem to be hot right now -- I LOVE the short story form and couldn't be more thrilled.  This collection will earn a permanent home on your book shelf along with Aryn Kyle's.

The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors by Michele Young-Stone  This is a debut novel that I heard about from my friend Rebecca Rasmussen whose own debut novel The Bird Sisters is out next year.  Young-Stone, herself a lightning strike survivor, tells the tale of two lost souls from adolescence to adult-hood while interweaving a manual for lightning strike survivors.  The structure of this story is intriguing as you can't help but keep reading to see how the author pulls it all together.  A wonderful debut.

The Blessings of the Animals by Katrina Kittle this book was an ARC I received from my publishers, Harper Collins, and I am so glad they sent it to me!  This book will be published in August so I suggest you hit the pre-order button on Amazon and hold your breath for your copy.    It's that good.

What have you read lately?  Comment here and the first five people who tell me will receive a copy of The Summer We Fell Apart!


  1. All We Know of Heaven by Jacquelyn Mitchard absolutely knocked my socks off, and just now, I started reading The Red Thread by Ann Hood. I'm particularly excited to read Ann's book. She mentored me for a week in 2008 and 2009 as part of the Hawaii Writers' Retreat, and during that time, she generously showed our group her synopsis and some of the work she'd done to help us understand what she was asking us to do. Already, I can tell it's as wonderful as I thought it would be.

    I can't believe my luck at being one of the first! I loved your book, and I will be honored to have a hard copy to share with guests as a companion to the digital copy on my Kindle.

  2. Aloha Robin,
    My wife stole my copy of The Summer we Fell Apart and I'm waiting for my turn! I read and enjoyed Sarah Pekkanen's The Opposite of Me and found it a nice ride.
    Greg Gutierrez
    Zen and the Art of Surfing

  3. robin,
    i just finished girls in trucks by katie crouch and thoroughly enjoyed it. before that i read the lacuna by barbara kingsolver and was blown away. best book i've read in a long time.
    your book is one of my next to read. i'll let you know what i think.
    congratulations on finishing your draft!

  4. I just finished The Mailbox by Marybeth Whalen. Before that it was House Rules by Jodi Picoult. I've also started The Lace Reader, but I just can't get into it...

    I'd love to win a copy of your book though!


  5. i just read The Sugar Queen by sarah addison allen. it was a clever little book, i enjoyed it as an easy, on-vacation read. i would love to read your new book, congratulations!