Friday, May 8, 2009

Hello My Name Is

The space between selling a book and publishing a book is strange.  I mean, the hard part is done, right? The writing and then getting someone to fall in love with it enough to publish it - well, that's like climbing Everest.  Until you start to realize that the publishing house would actually like someone to buy it and read it which means, unless you are famous, you're going to have to have to push away from the comfort zone of your desk and start introducing yourself and your book to the world. 

Insert deep breath here.

Okay, I get this.  I mean, it is what I wanted.  Otherwise I would have stapled the pages together and given it to a few friends and family and called it a day.  It feels like kindergarten a little, you know, the first days where you were sure once you left your mother's side that no one would talk to you or sit with you at snack.  

It's been suggested to make it easier for myself and my potential readers I should come up with an easy one or two sentence description of my book that would intrigue people enough to want to read it.  This is a perfectly fine suggestion, don;t get me wrong.  But when I think about one or two sentences to  describe myself I'm lost let alone a nearly four hundred page manuscript.   

Wouldn't it be easy if we could just all wear nametags that boiled down the essence of our personality? 

 Lola Loves Lobsters anyone?

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